THE fund vs.


The fund will max out at 75% LTV, and private money will max out at 65% LTV. The fund will look at only 1-4 Units for a one year term, and private money will look at all types of property for longer terms.


loan amounts

Both the fund and private money max out at $15,000,000.


cost of loans





Obviously we aim to be hyper competitive at all times, so our fees are aligned with size and scope of loan amounts.  The higher the loan amount, the lower our fees.

We understand that speed is often a major factor in hard money refinance, so if we are able to fund this privately, we can AND HAVE closed in as a little as three days. We are authorized in over ten US States through the fund, including WA, TX, CO, FL and all of California. Private Money will remain funded local to Southern California only.