Investor & Interior Designer


"I have been utilizing Spyglass Lending and their services since I began flipping homes in Los Angeles six years ago. They have been along with me on this ride from the small two bedroom home in Sherman Oaks to the top of Mulholland Drive. Spyglass Lending has always funded my deals with little to no drama and been fair about pricing terms. Whether it's a small loan or larger loan they always seem to get the job done no matter the hurdles. Spyglass Lending has played a very important part in me achieving my dreams as a Los Angeles real estate investor. I would not be where I am today if it were not for Spyglass Lending"

Josh altman

Million Dollar Listing


"Private capital has become essential in our business, and even more prevalent for luxury flips since the banks remain tight with their lending standards. This is why Spyglass Lending has become my go to source for any clients in need of hard money. They simply get the job done...whether that's for a purchase, rehab, or even new construction."

Jalda H,

Real Estate Investor & Realtor


"My partner and I buy, remodel and resell single family residences in the LA area. We have worked with Aaron twice now and plan to do so again any time we have funding needs. Aaron guided us very easily and quickly through all the paperwork, and was extremely responsive any time we needed to reach him. The transaction went extremely quickly (a matter of days), and very smoothly, I highly recommend!"

B. Clandos

Real Estate Investor


“I love these guys! They offer me high leverage on my purchase money and even construction dough if I need it. They've funded four flips for me this year alone, and I hope to do twice that next year. And you can bet Spyglass Lending will handle the loans. Super fast funding too!”


"Spyglass Lending is synonymous to hard money the easy way. Thank you, Aaron, Andrew and Emma for being there for us. Without you we would not have been able to fund the deals we have done so far and we are looking forward to many more. *We have worked with many hard money lenders during our real estate career but none as thorough or quick as Spyglass Lending. They funded our deal in record time and did exactly as they said they would. And it is not just the loans but the advice and help that have contributed to our real estate business growth. Spyglass Lending *without a doubt became a key player on our team and a big part of our success in 2013."

J. Mayorga

Real Estate Investor


"My dad and I were referred to Spyglass Lending. We were impressed by Spyglass Lending's knowledge of finance. The staff was great and very professional. My dad and I look forward to working with Spyglass Lending again in the future on any other endeavors we have. Spyglass Lending is highly recommended."

Leticia Ayala



"Spyglass Lending was referred to me from a business colleague. They are awesome! They funded a transaction for me within one week, with no hassles, I love them, and I will be using them on my future business ventures! THEY GET THE JOB DONE!"

Avraham Khordian



"There maybe four corners to this company, but the word is one thing: they do deliver. Most private lenders like to cherry pick their deals, so therefore, they can and do back out of their commitments when the borrower is most vulnerable. Spyglass Lending, gives you the confidence from the start that they will close. And they do close. Fast, and investor friendly. Highly recommended."

greg sharp

Broker & Investor


"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Aaron on a loan recently. It was a very difficult loan involving ex-spouses, lawyers, private money, emotions, revised payment plans and multiple liens placed against the property. This was a hard loan to complete and Aaron worked just as hard to make sure everything was in order and we closed on time. This particular loan was a private money loan and it could have funded in about a week but with the complexities it took about two weeks. The only reason it closed as fast as it did, was because of Aaron's efforts and willingness to do everything required to get it funded on time. I am eagerly looking forward to the next loan with Aaron and hope it will be easier!"

Sandra Meza



"Spyglass Lending is sinonymous of success. Excellent service and great team work. Looking forward to work many more deals!"

Barrett Sherwood


"Spyglass Lending defines the term "professional." Our group invests in small properties, one at a time. We do exceptional work and seek high margins. We do this by working with vendors we trust and who do what they say. Aaron and the team we worked with were more than on the ball and they funded us, over the holidays, in record time. We have worked with other hard money lenders and our experience with Spyglass Lending was a night and day difference. We look forward to our next project with them."

Taz Alsibai


"Aaron and Emma delivered everything they promised. They made what is normally a tedious process nice and pleasant! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!"

Robert rowe



"This is me celebrating after closing a deal funded by Spyglass Lending. They have been my funding source of choice since 2010. The rates are low, the LTVs are high if needed and there is only one low processing fee. Every step of the way they are fast and easy to deal with, from a quick cosmetic flip to a more complex build out."

Leesa and Tom Lackey


"Your attention to details and the integrity you have demonstrated have not been overlooked. You have proved yourself to be (one of the best!) a total professional, both in deed and the services you provide.

You also know as well as we do, in this business, credibility is so extremely important, and is sometimes the only deciding factor in getting your offer accepted over anyone else's. Seriously, you make it so easy! You're a man of your word- which let's just be real, is unfortunately rare these days.

Thank you so much for the opportunity of being able to work with you (a man of your caliber!) and your team. (we definitely don't want to forget sweet Emma!) It's been a surprisingly delightful and enjoyable experience. It seems like so many are quick to express dissatisfaction and voice negativity, (regardless of the business) yet will never take the time to do otherwise... I just wanted to make sure I did.

With your impeccable work ethic, determination and drive, I have no doubt you will only continue to thrive and excel in your business. I wish you nothing but the best! In short, you're awesome and "you the man!"