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Jo Scott

May 11, 202231 min read


Hi, everyone. Welcome to 30 minutes with Spyglass lending. We're running a couple minutes late but to Los Angeles so being fashionably late. What's wrong with that? Right? I have with me an incredibly funny person. She made her way to Los Angeles via Chicago. Shout out to Wilco right there. Back in 2000. And she is a comedian and a writer. She's going to tell us all about her stuff. She also has her own podcast called Mom, stop. We're gonna hear all about that as well. Welcome Joe Scott to the program. How you doing, Joe?

I'm good. And actually, I moved to LA a couple years ago. You said back in 2000. Just wanted to make sure.

I think I'm in 2020. Okay. I saw that you would run that you better No, I just I haven't like for whatever reason that stuck in my head. You know why? Because I moved to Los Angeles in 2000. And of course, I just only think about myself.

No, I love it. I just wanted to in case I say something stupid about LA. I didn't want people to be like she's been here. 20 years.

2022 years this down. That's all you know. Yeah. I'm part of town. Are you in by the way? Where are you?

Yeah. So just to be clear, we are in LA County. So we're, we're east of Pasadena and Covina.

Covina is a lovely spot. And I love how you said don't worry everybody we are allocated. We're not San Bernardino. We're not Riverside LA County is big. We're still Metro, we still

just like barely made it. But like a lot of our friends are in LA. And so many of them are like why are you in Covina. And we're like literally that's that's as close as we could get like we tried to get into LA like this is

when you say you tried to get in LA what was the barrier of entry here,

the money honey,

of course, right to

use, like literally like every second every like, we were just like, let's go a little further out. Let's go a little further out. But it is LA is like interesting, because we actually so just not to correct you twice in less than two minutes. But we were in Chicago, and then we moved to DC. So we came to DC la from LA County Covina from DC. And those cities, both Chicago and DC, when you're in them, you need to be in them, like if you're living in them, and my vive en la. And I mean, I'm sure someone in LA would maybe beg to differ, but it doesn't have that same like, it just feels like it takes forever to get everywhere. There's no like, hub of like the downtown for me with LA. So it just was like, we can't afford this and like, everyone's driving everywhere. Like we feel fine about it. But maybe we're just telling ourselves that

kind of you are I think you're you know, the majority of the population 90% Plus, most people in LA are just telling the daily, but what by the way, what why now, why here? Why 2020 Are you in La Via Chicago? DC?

Well, great. So okay, so we were in DC when the pandemic happened, we had been living there My husband works for PBS, which their headquarters is in Crystal City, just outside of DC. And, you know, we were stuck in our townhome which is like less than 1200 square feet during the pandemic and our landlord died. And a COVID By the way, can we get right COVID Yeah, thank you for asking. No. But anyways, like there's the drama in the story. She passed away and we were really trying to see if maybe we could buy her home. Like we liked love the area. We were like can we scrape and make this happen? Can we like maybe buy this and I do comedy a lot of our friends from Chicago end up in New York City or LA we've got tons of friends in LA we saw a whole bunch of them at a super spreader no we saw we can't we went camping with some of them and you know we were bending over backwards to try to make this townhouse in DC work and we just kind of were like we could probably buy a house in California for this and get more space and we did I mean believe me both markets are like insane and and please know that I don't know anything I just use the word market like sound cheesy, but both of them are like both of them it's expensive to live in both places. But you're but for us we were gonna get like more space and be around more friends so we were like let's do it and I feel like I've told you briefly but you know that we bought our house like sight unseen

Yeah, we did have that conversation prior to this a few weeks ago. Let's talk more about that because we're here now let's let's get right into it. You

know, I'm like telling you like you're a priest.

No, no, no, this is becoming so much more prevalent. I've actually bought investment property back in the day sight unseen and that was not a great idea personally because when I went to see it in person Yeah, no, that was not not quite lived up to the pictures or the investors sold to us different story for a different time certainly neophyte at the time, rectified those problems, but I don't think you're alone especially as a prime their resident homeowner to purchase something sight unseen. That's that's becoming more prevalent and How was the experience for you?

So it was okay, so here, here's where we are. I should also mention we're 42. So my husband was at his limit of like renting in Chicago and DC he was like, he there was just like, I don't know he had some elfa crazy like refused. I was like What's Airbnb for a couple months figured out the area, which would have been smarter in hindsight, but not to like he was just like, so I can't I can't do it anymore. So he was really really proactive about this. We got a we got the name of a real estate agent through a friend who lives in the area and then we really we vibe with

the area when we're talking covenient lives in around that area.

Now we're talking about Eagle Rock.

park adjacent.

Yeah, I was that the real estate agent was honestly really slumming it with us and doing their friend a favor. But they were great. And we communicated with them through Marco Polo. Are you familiar with that app?

No. Tell me more. So the audience more about Marco Polo Marco Polo is

an app I would say moms aunts, grandparents love it. It's like it, it can hold videos but like doesn't take space on your you know, when you're texting videos back and forth. You can base it's basically they they describe themselves as video walkie talkie.

I'm on the iPhone app store now go on.

And also, this is a sponsored ad. No, it's not. Anyways. So she would leave she would go on a house tour shows all about the house where and then we would respond back. So we're, it's like, it's not live a live call. But it is like a video call and you know, face to face. And you know, we could always do a call with us with her if we wanted to. But she was always Marco Polo going through the house showing us the house. And that really worked well with us. And we liked that. I guess like the main thing was that we couldn't that we weren't here in person. And it didn't feel like important enough for us to fly in. But I don't know, we did have a friend do the walkthrough. And all the

weird smells. The neighbors look like

anytime there's something wrong with the house now we're like fucking gonna

go back to the, of course the neighbor, right? Dairy?

No, no, but it was like, I mean, I don't know what everyone's experience was like, for buying a house. To us. It was just like, we were scraping. Like, it was like a dream of Peters to like, get this house. And it but it was one of those things like it was just like, fully so crazy. We had never done it. We were like putting bid like at first the first house. We were like, We really liked this house. And I remember us being like, Let's go five over. And by the end, it was like everything was like 100 over like 50 over 70. I was just like, what, what are they?

And this is back in 2020. How many other offers were on the table that you were up against at the time?

I want to there was one house that we like really wanted, and we went 75 over and it went for like 150 over and it was like between us and five other people? And it was just like, and it was also like no, I mean, it was like one of those like, no inspection. I mean, a lot of them. I mean, you definitely could speak to it. I don't, I don't really know. But if

there was an inspection, take away the appraisal contingency take away this give us your blood type. And yeah, this is for your third board and that kind of thing. Yes, yeah.

But we were so fatigued. And we literally were like, a bit waiting. Like at first we were like precious with what we put bids on. And then like, it was like everything, everything must go like put a bid on it, put a bid on it. And this house that we got literally Aaron. She's like, you got it. And we look at each other. And I go like, Did you like this house? And he goes like, no, do you like this house? And I'm like, I don't think we like this. And we have like this moment where we like we have to call Emily and like tell her. We don't like this house. And so we like spoke with her urgent. I mean, it was just like, I don't know, she like was really like, I really think this is gonna be fine. I think she was just like, I'm done here. I'm supposed to be showing you houses in Eagle Rock. Okay.

It's like how did we get here? This by the way, how many houses were bids on? And like, how long it was

really? I think there were like, at least probably put bids on 30 houses. I don't know is that a lot?

You could tell by my reaction. Yes, that's a lot. But at the same time, again, not uncommon and unfortunately what so many people had to go through you probably have been think about all the people who had to drive around on a Sunday or spend the time or have those conversations. I mean, like the fact that you did it sight unseen was probably a little bit easier in that respect because again, it was you know, you're just doing it on video and then can kind of go back to what you were doing. I think a lot of people spent way more time on the ground boots on the ground.

You're right for Emily, our real estate He was doing all the work. But you're right like this is first listen, you have to know what we bought, which is absolute shit. And that line out the door to get into this open house for this house was insane. I remember specifically for this one because it was just like kind of far out from where our real estate agent lived. And I felt so bad, because then like she had to drive back and horrible traffic. So anyways,

and this has been going on now for you it was happening before 2020. And here we are in 2022, you know, post pandemic, I can't say post pandemic, that's ludicrous to me. But you know, post what we all just obviously went through for two years. And it's still it's still just insane. Now, just cresting a little bit, I think the conversation around the market to use your term is that, you know, maybe a softening happening on certain houses. But if there's, there's still just a ridiculous shortage of inventory. So this is going to continue for a desirable house for sure. I mean, anything that might otherwise sit on the market needs love, or you know, it's rural. And whatever the reason that house is sitting, and it's rare, of course, you know, you might see a softening, but if there is a hot property, it's still it's still gangbusters, especially out here in Los Angeles.

It's wild. And I literally was in tears once talking to her because it was like, like the house we really wanted was that went over like a like it was like 120,000 5000 More than when it went. I was like, why don't they just ask for that? She was like, I don't know, I've never seen it like this. It was really wild right now. But I was like so frustrated because I was like, you think I mean, believe me? It was a learning curve for us. But I definitely felt like, oh, we have a shot at this house. But I think that what I had to like just recalibrate and just be like, Okay, we're not actually looking at $650,000 houses, we're looking at $400,000 houses or

like that we need to pay $6,000 for Yeah,

yeah, to like, completely like, redo. But then, while I'm old, like while I'm doing this, a friend is buying a home in Michigan. And so, you know, I get like her red fin listening. It's beautiful. It was like literally $175,000 for a mansion. I mean, stained glass windows would I mean it's amazing. It's still like a word. I mean, they're still working on it. But I mean wow. And so I

get to deal with the traffic you get to deal with and the Hollywood lifestyle and the glitz and the glamour and all that.

Right? Literally I can't even tell you a podcast or my life right now. I love listening to them in the car. The podcasts that you're providing right now is a sir whoever is in the car listening to this right now. Enjoy.

Enjoy it. Well, and you know what, let's delve deeper into it. Because if they're here and they're listening, they want to know about you and I appreciate you giving us your story on on what it was like just getting the house out here but let's hear about Joe Scott. So you were part of the Second City touring company back in Chicago, right? famous

the world famous second city which was like is no doubt blast. Yeah, super super fun.

How long were you with them?

A few years touring but like working with them for like five or six years and then when I moved to DC I did a review at woolly mammoth theatre with second city so Second City is everywhere we are everywhere and so watching I would never say like I'm officially done with them because they're always have like shows pop up. Whatever and it was truly like it's

the same for LA I mean when they do pop up out here like they you get the call and you're on stage.

Oh my god they have like a SWAT. I mean, they have like a million people to choose from but like yes, they could. They could call up la alum anytime. And they do. Yeah.

But phone rings.

Oh my gosh. Literally everything is like a yes metal. Yeah,

yep, I can do it. Because lanolin is pumping. Well. Yeah,

it's been a slow start, right? live theater has been like, going back to that has been pretty slow. So there's not like tons but it's coming. It's rolling back in.

No doubt. Like everything else will open up more and more certainly.

But that was an absolute blast. And now I'm just like in LA you know, trying to be available for friends projects. And in the meantime running an open mic at the Elysian which is in frog town, which is up and coming.

The Frogtown area for sure. That's what that's what I'm gonna say this that's a moniker that's been placed on a lot of places for decades. I swear is up and going.

This is important information. This is why people can't think that I've lived here for 20 years because I

feel like I'm telling you I'm in the hotspot like kind of on the cusp again. I want to village out there I have no idea. It's gonna be unbelievable Sunday, you know, but Yeah, you heard that about downtown for the longest time. Obviously, there was a pop down there. And I think that happened after the the actual great recession there was finally there was an opportunity for for a pop down in downtown because things were so affordable and everybody wanted a different life and lifestyle. But yeah, I mean, look, Frogtown is epic, I think everywhere in LA is up and coming even more, you know, surprise, surprise. I'm on the optimistic side of the fence as to what's going to happen here in the next 10 to 20 years because there's so little inventory, I think there's even going to be more people, more developers more more things that are happening and people descending on here, so everything should feel like it's up and coming. You know, assuming that like, you know, World War Three doesn't consume everywhere or, you know, obviously some other massive depression happens again, we might be in for something good. But again, I don't want to sidetrack too much. Second City and you have you love podcasts. You have your own podcasts. Let's talk about that. Moms don't.

Mom's stuff right. So that's my my girlfriend and I Annie Donnelly, she just moved from New York City. I just moved from Chicago slash DC so and she's got a three year old. And we I have two eight year old twins. So we're kind of the the we sell it as we're going around LA, and kind of doing different things in LA and giving reviews and not nice ones always Aaron we're telling the damn truth.

Tell tell like it is give us some examples. What are we talking about? Like what are the

kind of like the reason why we started this is we went to an event I think it's called Heritage Hill, is it? It's cemetery lane? They did this thing. It's like these old historic homes in LA. Does it sound right? Heritage thumping?

It sounds right to me. I've never heard of it. But okay. I feel like heritage

Lane Heritage Hill. It's these old houses, and it's called cemetery. And they did this thing over Halloween called

for a show regardless, whatever. Right or not? Yeah. Kudos on CBS Saturday nights at night.

So they have this like Halloween event called cemetery lane, where they like decorate these old homes, and you can go trick or treating. So we're like, oh, cool. Let's check that out. And it's like 25 bucks. A person. And we're like, I don't know. I mean, I'm like any see you smiling and be like, Okay, why would you need to pay $25 on all the fucking weed. But we were like, oh, maybe this is an LA thing. Like it was

really because I'm like, that's, that's inexpensive as cheap.

Like, I thought it was like, gonna be good. And it was like, fricking horrible. And we were like, How dare you? How dare you LA. But we aren't like I should say this. I'm sorry. I know that you keep trying to focus on me, which is like, so lovely. And such. It's such a nice host thing. But like,

I mean, this is we're focusing on it. We're learning about you. We're learning about feel about what I do and

what we do. But I do want to say, I freaking love LA, and LA County and Covina. All of it included. I just think it's like awesome. And I was talking to my friend who is from LA he lived in Chicago to do it was doing comedy with us. That's how I know him. And then like, a month or two after we moved here. We were at the beach and I turned to him and I'm like it's kind of fucked up that you didn't like try to get us out your earlier like it's fucked up. You left us in horrible cold Chicago where everyone's mad and like,

How dare you and by the way, I love a good F bomb more than anybody else. But I I want to keep it a little cleaner. If we can. We're streaming live on Facebook, I'm gonna have some kids, but I don't know. LinkedIn, the whole thing, but by all means, if you

know, listen, I'm blushing. I'll never say it again. But the point is, is like I'm like loving away. We love that. It's worth like, it's worth every single penny is what I think. And again, we're not even in LA but like as close as you can get. It's just there's so much to do here. And there's an in the terrain is like, beautiful and the vibe is great. Like the hustle. I don't know. Maybe you're like, that's a joke. Joe, that's a literal joke. Because I feel like what you do is much more intense. But I feel like the hustle and grind here for performer is different because there's just so much more. There's so many more options. And in Chicago, like the industry is only so big, and it just feels nicer here and everyone feels you know, yes. Is it fake? I guess but you're gonna find that anywhere. And that like, yeah,

it makes it Yeah. And when why not? Why shouldn't I mean? Love it love hearing this. This is This is wonderful. I think a lot of people listening would actually like to hear that that I transplants. Like I'm having a great experience, whatever it is. And as fake as it is. There's still to your point, there's still feels like there's still a support system somewhat in place because everybody is here for that reason, right? Not everybody's in Chicago for that reason, or DC for that reason. But like, yeah, here you came to Los Angeles, especially if you came to Hollywood, you know, you're looking at the person next to you who's doing something similar to you again, whether it's something else in the entertainment field, right? And feels like Yeah, well I'm here to make it to and I hope you do. I hope you make it and I hope you bring me with you when you do.

Yeah, and I Everyone gets it and like everyone is on the same page about that. That is so just truly so nice. And also PS fake. People are nice. Like, I'm always like, level so fake. And I'm like, Yeah, but they just like paid for dinner. So who cares?

That's a great point. That's so funny. That's a great point. Yeah, they're, I mean, they're fake as hell. But yeah, you know what, they were super nice about it. So yeah,

keep about an arm's distance and like, keep them. You don't have to marry the person. But like, they're pleasant to be around. I don't have a problem with fake people here. And I'll tell you straight up.

I love that. And I actually I'll go a step further. Because being here for so long, I've been actually I've been here over 20 years, and I like to call them friends for a day. Because that's what LA is, you get a friend for a day and they're your best friend. And you think that like this relationships going somewhere for whatever it is, and you never hear from that person, but to your point they did they paid for dinner, they hung out. They did what you needed to help you move. I mean, who knew? You know, like these things happen?

So meet people that you'll never see again. Yeah, it's great.

That's awesome. Okay, so and you you've done a little work with Adult Swim as well, right?

Yes, I have a small part in the show called Joker talks with you.

So many people named Joe on that show because I think that there's Joe Scott there was an I believe I saw another Joe and then that and then Joe's himself.

Aaron, that happened. It's insane. I literally think I only got the part because my name is Joe like It's Joe is the lead Joe Firestone is, you know, is his romantic like, like opposite. And she's also a writer on the show. There's so many jokes on the show like it's it's incredible and it's a gift once again,

your writer as well, that that goes along as let's talk about that. What are you writing? What have you written What are you writing now?

Just fully all sketch right and like leading up in Chicago all sketch all sketch all sketch right now. I'm actually working on like a mockumentary with a friend of mine was mockumentary? They're kind of I mean, it's like in the same vein as the office and Parks and Rec and

but anymore or unless you're trying to keep it close to the vest. If

you don't know it's kind of like very alt I don't. It's I'll tell you. I would love to your reaction actually. Actually, because Aaron I like feeling your night. But anyways, okay, so the premise of it is it's a it's like a community theater in a small town. And there is a father daughter duo, like in that theater. And they're like incredible and they're allotted in town but it's it's also they're controversial because they're also always opposite. They're always love interest of each other. So the daughter is like 18 and like she hates her dad and there's like all that kind of like strife. But then and they is like, I mean, that's the joke of it. Like there's never any line crossing. They have like body doubles that do the Roman but everyone in the play is like well, they're really good. They're really good. Um, anyways, I can't believe I'm like, honestly fully telling you that because like I just feel like it's a really bizarre concept, but we like love it my friend and I Jeff Murdock. He's my co like, writing partner basically.

This This sounds hysterical. By the way. I don't know why I'm getting like, flashes waiting for Guffman which is a movie that everybody should see if they never have because it's you know, and I don't know. I mean, obviously I don't know if this even lands retains but like just trying to wrap my head around what you're pitching here, which actually sounds pretty damn funny to me. So what happens? I mean, okay, okay, so you have you have the you have what's the issue? What's the problem? What drives the story forward?

Thank you for Okay, so is obviously like a lot like waiting for government. Great, great movie. It is a mockumentary it does deal with like, small town Community Theater, which is same same. Obviously the the incestual like plotline is not in waiting for government. But so like at the end, so it's the big deal is like they, they it's the The movie starts, they've kissed at the end of their last play. And in that town is up like some people support it. Some people are really mad. Some people are like, this is art. Some people are like this is they're going to hell. And so their next show is let's lead up to their next show and like a kind of a Will they won't they moment. And then at the end you find out like the reveal is that the daughter is actually his wife. And she's, like, be played by me. And I'm like, and I'm actually 40 and someone in the audience is like, I knew it.

This is funny. This is okay. But like, I mean, I assume you're making this because it sounds perfect for the temperature of what's going on today. Right? Like everybody up in arms about everything all the time. So is that kind of a little bit of about what you're talking about? out here like, okay, so and I'm like the perfect microcosm, like really boiling it down to community theater, but a great stage to kind of talk a little bit about that.

I mean, Aaron, thank you for giving my art perspective that I mean, like, Yeah, I mean, don't get me started on like, things that everyone's up in arms about. Yes, like, but no, I think we just were like, Let's make it fun and bizarre and kind of just theater people in general, like, how intense they can get about stuff and just like needing, needing, like the moment to like, get everybody in and like how, how low people will go to draw people in and literally be like, I'm his daughter that they they think that's why people will be interested. Right. Kind of like, I'll do anything for

anything. But in that seat. Yeah.

But we're, we're by trade like improvisers. So improvisers, I think really like the mockumentary style of any of you know, the office parks and rec, all that stuff is just leads lends itself to improv. So I think that

we were, there's really like, almost like a treatment per show, not necessarily a written script for most of those actors and actresses. Right. Like,

I think there's definitely like an amazing written script. But I think there's like, because I don't want to be there. I knowing that the writers are like,

I don't I only ask the question to trap. Yeah, we wanted to see. Yes. But but certainly there is a proposition there has to be threat.

Yeah, yeah. I think that there. I think there are probably a lot of really, like, don't

get me in trouble. There's a lot of I can't get into the credits as they flashed at the end of this guy. I know. I was teasing. Yes, of course, there is.

No, I do think I think waiting for Guffman might be written and directed by Christopher Guest. And I think and there is

Yeah, well, he definitely does that for all his movies and all of that. It's a big thing. But but the shows is you're talking about Yeah, obviously, in that, but But you specifically and especially on Second City and a lot of the work you do. Improv right has to be such a big part of

it. Yeah, it is. And part of improv is like, is having a type or what part of sketch comedy especially with Second City is having a very tight script, having like, joke, joke, joke joke joke, knowing the script, like knowing it really, really well. And then kind of stepping away from it, and playing with it a little bit. But like, I can't explain it. But it's like having that like base in that structure is so much it's so helpful. Because you can always go back to that if something's not hitting with the audience, right? But then like when you do sketch over and over and over again, it just is like, you're like, I can't take it anymore. We're this I'm improvising this line instead. And it's a blast because like, you want to surprise yourself. You want to surprise your

partner or partners or on

Yeah, like it's so much more fun and like, honestly, like the audience really responds well, when they can tell like something is not when something is truly authentically in the moment. Everyone loves it. So yeah, so being able to do that so fun.

So what's next for you? I mean, obviously you got a lot going on. But I mean, what's what's the five year plan here? Oh my god, your head is in your head for those listening on audio Joe's head in her hands.

I'm exhausted. Aaron. Aaron. I

know you're a mother of twins. You know, this makes sense. So

I'm in I'm here for the long con. Okay, I'm not going anywhere. I'm not in any like, and maybe this will not serve me well. But I I've been doing this so long. That I think that people were like let's do it. This is a this is a disease and I'm like, I'm at that point right now where I'm like, I'm here. I'm gonna grind I'm going to work I'm not not working. I'm going to like open mics. I'm writing stuff. But I'm I don't have that same like, dry that I had when I was 20 I'm like sitting here at 14 being like Okay, I just I don't know maybe this is like the LA me with the crystals and just being like it'll happen when it's supposed to happen. This is like

you get in LA they hand you crystals. anywhere else in the country. If you come to LA you have to get into crystals to see why

we went to Venice Beach and we were walking down the boardwalk and there was like a massive gemstone like table and my son like walked up to it. And my friend was like, He's la now it's efficient. drawn to those stones. But I am like, I feel like yeah, I'm just like trying to be available. I think it's like I think a lot I know a lot of my friends are like, Oh, I'm working on this and this, but I'm mostly just trying to raise these kids focus number one, fully obsessed with survivor number two survivor the showing or yes, I've applied like a million times.

Someday, you never know. And then just using the 49 That's yours.

Oh my god. You heard it here first. Yeah. I honestly I'm, I'm so like pleasantly surprised. We're just talking about me. I feel bad. I hope I listen, I Yes, I will write a movie, okay. I will do all those things I'm not I'm just like not in that, like crazy rush, I just feel really feel like it's all like going to online income. And that's, I don't know if maybe performers are like listening to this young performers or listening to this, in my opinion, you really have to not, it's like you have to be hardworking and competent and confident. But you can't be needy, like, I can't explain it. No one wants to work with a needy person. So like, you have to almost not need it. In my opinion. That's like, my, the vibe of it is like once you kind of let it go. And as you're not like this, if I don't get it, I'm gonna like, freak, or I'm gonna move to a different places like no, I'm never going to move, I'm always going to be here. I'm basically going to bully people to put me in their stuff here. And

Aaron Pfeffer

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