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Imagine getting an adjustable rate mortgage loan. And imagine that after the fixed interest rate period ended the interest rate on your loan began to adjust upwards. You would expect that adjustment and the subsequent adjustments every six months to be minimal, wouldn't you? Of course you would, otherwise you would experience payment shock, and that is not allowed to happen to a borrower. Except...

Now imagine that the ENTIRE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY adjusts that initial fixed rate upward over 100% from the starting rate in less a year? Apparently that's allowed to happen!

Well that is EXACTLY what happened between 2022 and 2023, and the entire lending landscape has now changed considerably, from the standard 30 year mortgage product all the way to the ground up construction loans for real estate developers, and every loan product in between.

And when something so monumental occurs, of course only the strong survive in this business, but more importantly...

The adept become ever more important. That is undoubtedly Spyglass Lending. We were there on the front lines off the subprime crisis that began in 2007, weathered that storm, and we are here now on the front lines of a new liquidity crisis in 2023. We will weather this storm as well.

Entrust your loan scenario with the experts: Private Money and DSCR for real estate investors. We were built for times like these.


Aaron Pfeffer

Get Started with A Private Money Loan

Fix and Flip

House flipping is one satisfying game, but financing these projects often seems complicated. The good news is it’s not, and private money is here to cover all of your costs and then some.

Cash-Out Refi

Real Estate Investors need to keep their money moving, and there are a number of ways you can cash out a portfolio to put your dollars back to work.

New Construction

Got big plans? We've got options.

If you can qualify for construction money with a big bank then great! But some projects require private money to get them

off the ground, and we've got you covered.

Bridge Loans

If long-term financing is not in the cards at the moment, then there is nothing wrong with good placeholder money if the numbers still pencil, right? Bridge money is often smart money.

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