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Kodi Kitchen Berg

June 16, 202231 min read


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Hi everyone. Welcome to 30 minutes with Spyglass lending with us today. Cody kitchen Berg. She is an entrepreneur. She has multiple businesses. She has an amazing story. She has a lot to talk about a lot to tell us. We're excited to have her here. Cody, welcome to

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the show to be here. Thank you, Erin,

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and thank you for joining us. Let's start let's just jump right in. You are in beautiful, sunny Ojai, California at the moment. Is that right?

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Well, I'm actually in LA at the moment. Yeah, I grew up in Ojai. Okay. currently have a business No, hi. Oh, man. Oh, hi. So a lot of times I'll crash at my parents or at the end.

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And we're gonna talk about that that's we're gonna get to you. You grew up in Ohio and you're trying to get back to Ohio. That's

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during the pandemic, we I convinced my husband that we should rent our house in LA we live in the Hollywood Hills. And we rented our place and then did a month in like a different town. So we would do a month in Oxnard shores, I wanted to be closer to Ojai childcare, which helps when you're trying to run a company.

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You have three children as do i Is that right?

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Yes. Yeah. When I met my husband, they were three and six. Another 14 and 17. Wow. Yeah. And then together we have on almost five year old which is how I met your beautiful wife.

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That's right. You do know my wife very well. And you you grew up in Wyoming? Yeah. Oh, hi from so Okay. Let's let's hear that story. Let's start with there. We'll start from the beginning. I always like to start the beginning today.

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Born on like a ranch like, yeah, so we're born fifth generation cowboys, cattle ranchers. My dad with the big ranch was always outside of Jackson by like 70 miles. Okay. Between pine Dale, which was like now it's growing down my knee which is a town of 400. Wow. That is not large. Not large at all. But so beautiful. I still go back there to go move cows every summer.

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Okay. And Yellowstone was literally the whole thing was predicated off your family right? Was your like to tell everybody that but you When did you move? When did you leave Wyoming? How old were you?

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I was four. And then my dad went back to Wyoming. So I would split time school and everything during the year was all Ojai. And then summers were on the ranch.

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Why the move by the way? What was the impetus? I mean, it's a big move.

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It's a big move. My mom went to UCSB. And she kind of was like, Alright, we've got two kids. I need a little more than 400 people. Sure. Let's you know, they settled on OPI.

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Okay, fair enough. And so you grew up there. You went to high school there and then made your way down to Los Angeles after that, right. You had a modeling career and and you were on television for a little while?

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Yeah, yeah. I always liked LA. liked a lot of the gals that I've met here. I opened Yellow Pages when I was in high school. told my mom I was like, I want a model because I felt confident if there was a camera, but I never liked big public speaking that intimidated me. Cameras just kind of make believe. So I lit up the Ventura County Yellow Pages.

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This really happened you literally put on it. Oh, one decision changes. Your life changes. I mean, it literally I mean, this is sliding doors moment that trajectory could have gone either way. That's too cool. That's incredible. Okay, and then how'd you get on to General Hospital? And what year was that?

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I so I, I modeled bartended. Some to it mainly was like the commercial print some beauty campaigns, like not super glamorous, but it was awesome. And that was how I bought my first little condo in the valley.

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Yeah. One of the valley give us a province, Coldwater Canyon, your

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elbow. It was fun. I was so proud. I was like 25 What are the only girlfriends that did it was a little two bedroom. And I remember the first month being like, this is going to be so amazing living alone. And then I was like,

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where is everybody? Right? But at least you were the homeowner you could have everybody over.

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It was awesome. It was like, one of my best days and then told that one couple years later, okay. Yeah. And then General Hospital. I kept modeling. Didn't really know like, didn't want to do any of that stuff forever, but just wasn't really like what other skill set do I have? So I auditioned and they actually wrote that role for me.

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And Miss asked how good you were. Yeah,

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yeah. And then I drink poison tea and I got the X.

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Howard that lasts forever. I mean, it's a soap opera at some point. You know, somebody's got to poison you in the tea.

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Bangles. There'll be the death. Yeah, every

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time We all learned our lessons but from there then then what what was what was the jump? I mean, obviously you own so many businesses now which we're going to get to, but I

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always like to business like I had all these weird half written business plans that were like one of them was cocktails and crafting. Okay, that I was like,

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let's hear about that. What was that about cocktails? I love the name of cocktails and dreams. The movie cocktail?

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Yeah, so it was like knitting or sewing like a really almost like what people are now doing with like the wellness social clubs. It would have a version which is like booze and paint.

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Okay, good. Yeah. Which I mean who doesn't live other those things? I still think it could work. Right I was about to say this is violet if you want to send over the prospectus of let's take a look at some of your raising capital get it out to some people

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Yeah, I guess I always like to do that and after GH ended, the producer got fired all the new actors went with her I took one business class at UCLA and it was all about one of my favorite books was blue ocean strategy and it was kind of like find your white space that was when the idea for what is now equipped came to be which was like I was like I the you bar

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bring it out get the prop you are definitely ready for this even like we are video streaming this isn't just for oh by the way for all the audio listeners out there. Cody is now led for lack of a better word bench pressing a u bar right now on camera

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bench pressing a very beautiful giant horseshoe

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which is I guess apt for someone who grew up in Wyoming this is perfect is that maybe you know what there's a little Kismet there brought it all the way back here. Now why did you bar why? Why that? I mean, what what? Where'd that come from?

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So the you the idea was like, oh, new. I curse I drink like a good burger. And it's all about kind of defining your best self and then sculpting it put on bone. You know, because like some days, I would go to some of these classes. And I'd be like, well, it's movement. Like I don't want to take myself so seriously that it's not also fun. And there's gonna be times that you want to like hardcore workout. But then there's also times that like, with a bunch of children, I'm doing like leg lifts while I'm doing Legos before I run and do like, you know it it's just movement and that was the idea for the U bar. And the U shape of it was like this physical manifestation of that. So I started hanging out at some steel yards.

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Let's say you started hanging out because here we are in the heart of Los Angeles. Where were you finding steel yards? I think all of us would like to know where are these steel yards?

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Fresh off the soap opera fresh into Burbank, San Fernando. Ode there's so many really interesting like big buildings over there. Drive. And at that time I'd like had Lola had her was another reminder of like, well if we're going to take two hours realistically I'm gonna go out to drinks with my girlfriends Yeah. And not go to the gym. Cocktail obsession a little too much. But there was this idea that like why are wait so ugly and they also evoke this feeling of dread. And what traditional fitness represents which is like you put on this outfit this is where you go this is what a workout is my like well why I love science to beautiful things if I've got my little you know, we Babe and so we would I strapped to my chest drive down San Fernando road. It'd be like steel railings and I just go in there and be like, Excuse me. Hi. Um, what do you call? How did that person make that gate? Okay, but what weird blonde woman with child. That's

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what you don't mean? That's literally I mean, you talk about an entrepreneurial story. I mean, you're literally with a child strapped to your chest, driving into blazes and trying to just figure it out and make it happen and start your craft start your business. Yeah, how cool is that? Okay, and how long did it all take? I mean, what give us a year by the way what what year are we talking about at this point?

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Do I did the flow beta for sure. Um, that was when I had low 18 Um, that was when I started it before and was like all right, I think there's something here to having a studio Regina was like best use studio I knew nothing about business. Yeah, slow journey. And I also really liked motherhood that's what I'm such a big advocate of like back to this idea of own you define your best self there's times for sure that I'm like dammit. I should have household more raised capital before and times that for sure. I'd be dishonest if I wasn't saying there's like moments I'm damn I could have been XYZ but I also really liked being a mom and not having the external pressure. Oh, yeah. And so I just used it. And I remember taking at this point I like found a manufacturer. And I liked him Carlos, he was so sweet to me. And we sit there with just with sketchpads babies still strapped. I remember one day, I took them a bunch of makeup. And it was like Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury. And I was like, Look, women reach for this, like this Tom Ford. Is it a good lipstick? Sure. But look at this packaging, like it evokes this feeling of sensuality and beauty and was like, Why does it not exist on a weight? Right?

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I mean, and to your point, I mean, you go into any place and pick up weights, they all look the same. And you're right, it feels like work and you're looking at it. And over and over and over again, you're like, there's nothing aesthetically cool about this. There's nothing enticing about it. Not interested. You know, it feels like a chore

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to you. And you're also focused on the outcome, to where one of the things that I've learned maybe because I slowly baited it out is like, we want to meet people where they are, like, I want to focus on the emotional release of like, like, I'm going to, my children are driving me up the wall, I'm really stressed about this deadline. And I'll grab it and I'll go like, like, breathe through it for a minute. And I have like, maybe the same three moves that I do when I'm like, Oh, I'm gonna blow. Let us resume.

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I mean, is that what the US Department is? Is it really does it relieve stress? I mean, what what is the main functional? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 11:31
I mean, it's super functional, right? Anything you do with a dumbbell, you can just replace it with the U bar, but it's a little more enhanced because disproportionate weight

Unknown Speaker 11:40
are easy. By the way. What weight are we talking about here? What do you press in there? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 11:43
48 pounds. Yeah. Nice. Okay, poor.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
We could go with that. We could have dealt with that. They were I think a lot of people would have believed it. I wouldn't wait, what was it again? How much? For four pounds? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 11:56
They come in for 812 16. Okay. Now other fun fact is, I have the 12% of patent holders that are women. We looked at this radius bend. I do think that maybe me growing up as like a little ranch girl working in irrigation helped me with my obsession of steel. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 12:17
That we're back to the steel again. Yeah. It's to me, it's a great place to be Yeah. Even like

Unknown Speaker 12:23
the specific radius. Then we learned that the ergonomics and like the functionality by expanding it a half an inch, the ergonomic switched. So it's really good for posture. Everything is engaged here. But if we took it a half an inch in, you're rounding over. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 12:40
interesting. Yeah. The fun thing. There's a science to this. I mean, you really spent time crafting this making it perfect and thinking about it and doing it right. Yeah. What's the best seller of those four to 16 pounds? Which one flies? Eight right in the middle? Yes. most comfortable. Right around eight pounds.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
Yeah. But the form is it is a good one to most people don't just buy a 12 or 16. We auction Pottery Barn and sacks. And it's interesting to see like, Pottery Barn, it's the really heavy weights that are just go go going like,

Unknown Speaker 13:13
interesting, right? Why but is it? I mean, do we know why? Or have we do we have the data on that?

Unknown Speaker 13:20
Or we will find these people. And

Unknown Speaker 13:24
we got a few engineers at Google on it. We'll get back to you. Yeah, okay. So. So, on top of this, though, you have yet another business as well. And when did you open this business? Tell us a little bit about that as well. And why why Oh, hi, ice cream.

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So it was my first job. As I was pursuing my modeling in Los Angeles, I growing up in Ohio I started as a sophomore, scooping it up. Yeah. He dug the owner always hired high school kids. It was so fun.

Unknown Speaker 13:57
That's awesome. I mean, everybody's got their high school service industry job, right. I mean, this is your show. Yeah. You're like a true slice of Americana. I mean, literally working. Yeah, making people happy for the summer or I guess year round because Ohio is that beautiful and feels like Yeah, absolutely. I

Unknown Speaker 14:13
know. You guys go up there a bit.

Unknown Speaker 14:15
Right. We I'd like to get more I mean, honestly, it's never enough. Whatever, whatever it is. It's never it's so gorgeous up there. It's incredible. It's the just the it is not the hidden gem but it is the gem of like Southern California that not enough people know about but enough people do that. I would like them to stop so they can give us more room.

Unknown Speaker 14:33
Yeah, yeah. So the owner was ready to retire. It had been there since 1979. Wow. Yeah. And he kind of casually mentioned it and then they kind of casually mentioned it again.

Unknown Speaker 14:46
But what is it is that the exact shop where you were scooping ice cream it yes axiom. So you were there your high school years and you went back so many years later and purchased the exact shop?

Unknown Speaker 14:57
Surely we are real I look at the high school kids that work there. I'm like, not to be like the creepy old woman, but it goes fast. Get it?

Unknown Speaker 15:10
You're like, they're like, Well, you just signed my paycheck and you're like, I will. But I'm also going to dispense this advice. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:15
I'm like slowly siding so that they

Unknown Speaker 15:19
listen to me kid. Yeah. Do you only only hire high school kids because of your experience? Or? That's really, really who should

Unknown Speaker 15:26
be worried? She is my co manager. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 15:28
amazing. Perfect. But you got to have some adult running the show, right?

Unknown Speaker 15:32
Yeah, she was she's retired school teacher. Um, so it's kind of a fun shot because we've it's something that is kind of iconic to Ojai. Yep. But it hasn't really been updated in interiors for 30 years. Okay, so starting 2023 We're going to do like this massive overhaul, but immediately we were like, Okay, we're gonna slowly do this and slowly do this and changing the flavors a little bit and trademarking it. There you go. Yeah. Week one, I was like, and this will now be trademark.

Unknown Speaker 16:08
What, by the way, when did you purchase this? When did this all start?

Unknown Speaker 16:11
So during the pandemic, when we moved up there, that was when it's hilarious that it was the month after we moved back into our house in Los Angeles.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
Okay, we aren't we got to unpack this a little bit. So you're, now you're in moved. So you give us give us like an exact timeframe. When did you go i and by the shop?

Unknown Speaker 16:33
2000. It was a year in May. So okay, yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 16:40
you said it's may now so 2021 is when you did that? And were you and you moved to Ohio at the exact same time that you opened it or maybe a little bit before?

Unknown Speaker 16:48
No. So we still are full time in LA. Because we can't find a house in Ohio.

Unknown Speaker 16:53
Right? You can't but okay, forgive me. I I was an interesting that you were saying that you during the pandemic at some point left the Hollywood Hills here for a bit and we're living in Ohio as well. You're saying that?

Unknown Speaker 17:02
Yeah. Okay. Yeah, it was. But then we the the kind of conversation started with Doug, where we should you know, he's like, You should buy it. Should we buy it? This is slightly insane. I have another startup and three children. My husband has a full time job.

Unknown Speaker 17:17
Yeah, so that's fine. If

Unknown Speaker 17:20
any of this makes sense. No.

Unknown Speaker 17:23
And you've been looking since last May trying to find something in Ohio. That's really what it is. Because you've got the shot. And you've that's really where you want to be. You'd rather you'd rather but the roots down there.

Unknown Speaker 17:31
So many of my girlfriend's moved back. My parents are there the autonomy that it gives kids. It's also funny because it was turning into like, what I loved about it is, it's cowboys. It's like, you'd be like, Oh, growing up, you'd be like Bob chained themselves to the tree to protest or getting chopped down again. So it's spiritual, it's cowboys. It's a little yappy or getting fancy, but like growing up there. I mean, it was like Chris Ledoux pickup trucks, orange orchards with Natty Ice. Thought fans,

Unknown Speaker 18:00
could have been the best description of anything I've ever heard. Anyone listening to that just gets an incredible visualization of what's going on in Ohio, and probably once a big part of it, because that sounds awesome. It was pretty damn good. And now it's super eclectic. But still cool as hell. So Oh, cool. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:19
like my friends. 10 year old kids will be like, Ah, I'm gonna bike ride down by myself. And they'll call me or like, the mom will call me like, Hey, can the kids come down and work in the shop for an hour? Are you there? Like, send them down. So I have all these job. Don't come after me for child labor laws. But

Unknown Speaker 18:38
we can edit that part out. Nope, we're live sorry.

Unknown Speaker 18:43
Everyone is legally employed. But that's what's fun about it is having all these generations and having even like Lola be in there. And if she wants to Toy she has to look people in the eyes and go like, Thank you for coming into Ohio scream.

Unknown Speaker 19:02
Nice. Yeah, you're teaching moments all around. This is so cool. And you're gonna do a big renovation and you're hopefully gonna move up there. Now. What are the obstacles? What's been going on? I mean, you're telling me since you've been looking for the last mate, this is a full 12 month cycle now. Now I'm unable to find anything

Unknown Speaker 19:17
that we sold just before the pandemic, my timing is clearly off on all of these. We had this super cool, like two bedroom, little ranch home, but it was on an acre so many oranges, like the kids every morning would go outside and pick oranges from the tree and come in.

Unknown Speaker 19:39
I'm sorry, you gave you gave this up. I know. I know.

Unknown Speaker 19:43
We weren't using it as much. And we're like, Oh, well. And then I think the pandemic started two months later and we're like, no, now that house has doubled in value. We just put an offer in a couple of weeks ago. Super modest, cute little till mid century we were like, Alright, I need some work but like super charming. It went within two days for 400,000 over asking

Unknown Speaker 20:09
all cash how many offers were on it besides yours? Oh, we and I like wrote the

Unknown Speaker 20:13
letter being like, I'm just a small town girl drive home.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
Right. And some seller was like, Oh, that's nice. Cool. He was 400 grand for

Unknown Speaker 20:26
ice cream I will buy with this 400,000

Unknown Speaker 20:30
Yeah, exactly. I'll come buy the ice cream. You're not getting the house, but I'll at least double scoop of chocolate. Yeah. So alright, so you missed out on that one. But I mean, to your point, probably dozens of offers on that. I mean, if I win 400 grand over and this has been this has been the case for literally every property that you keep trying to source.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
Yeah. It's that like little sweet spot of a million. It's gone. My mom's name called his house. He's a contractor in town. So he had, you know, when I think my mom bought her house, not to like be vulgar, but it was, you know, under half a million. Sure. Well, charming four bedroom. And he just sold his three days. Oh, gosh, 300,000 over asking like, a just and these are not like it. They're beautiful homes. But it's, it's just wild, I think because the proximity to the city. And also, it is a cool little town that it has such an eclectic identity.

Unknown Speaker 21:31
Nobody, it really does. And to your point at close proximity, a lot of people don't know this. But you know, some people might think about Ohio type loss and just be like, Oh, it's going to take me how long three, four or five hours to get there. Not even close. I know traffic depending you're doing in 90 minutes or less and sometimes less than that, way less than that.

Unknown Speaker 21:47
So it was up there. I dropped the kids at school, sprinted up, worked the morning shift, did equipped calls on the way home pick the kids up from school like you.

Unknown Speaker 21:59
That's real. Yeah. It takes longer for people to get from you know, a lot of people commute from Lancaster Palmdale, which again has nothing to do with Ohio. But like just trying to give a proximity idea of like where somebody might live and come in work in the San Fernando Valley or even downtown Los Angeles, literally, from Lancaster Palmdale, so otherwise not certainly not out of the question. If somebody wants to do that, although it does feel like the kind of place not just a vacation destination, but to your point, a place to call home and grew up there and do that. And it sounds like you're really trying to do that. I mean, what do you think? Do you think you're gonna land a place? Or does it all just feel like so far out of reach at this point? So ridiculous? Are you seeing them or I'm gonna ask a million questions. Are you seeing the market softened at all? In the past couple of months? No. Yeah, not everybody's kind of seeing

Unknown Speaker 22:39
that like one did, like just under 1,000,002. Little over a million and a half. There just go in. And it's not stopping at all like, I have friends. It's just non stop. So

Unknown Speaker 22:53
in case your kids in high school, or how they feel about it, when you talk to them about hate, we're going back there.

Unknown Speaker 22:57
So the 17 year old decided he wants to do his senior year abroad.

Unknown Speaker 23:05
Awesome. Amazing. I'm applauding

Unknown Speaker 23:08
how rad is that? It was like an idea year Can I Can I join you? Do you need? Sure. So he's going to Viterbo which is just north of Rome for his senior year it's called sya looks like the coolest program so we'll go drop him in August, and a 14 year old that's kind of the thing is until you know, she's older and she graduated with like three years, then we'll probably go sell our house here able to afford something different there. Right? Well, then we kind of almost conceded that we're like alright, we'll keep trying, but realistically, ain't gonna happen.

Unknown Speaker 23:45
Yeah, you're now telling the water buyers like a lot of people right and we're watching the interest rates rise up and we're watching the prices continue to climb it's all just gets crazier by so many something that yeah, then until things change. If they change they won't but if they do then it'll happen or hopefully by then hey, you know you're equipped is just a massive company blowing up. You've done the run raishin on Oh, hi ice cream mines are out the door daily you know and then you have to have the run of the place

Unknown Speaker 24:16
then a whole different ballgame. We do have a part now to you got a cart you say is you'll find me in the park Lola and tow that route.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
So I mean, you're you're you're going up there pretty much every weekend and doing that. Yeah. Okay. But And what about equipped I mean that you run this virtually? I mean, is there is there there's no retail location. It's just you're in you said Saks and tell me again.

Unknown Speaker 24:40
So we you know, we do have retailers like Saks Riverview and indigo in essence and pottery Pottery Barn inventory until January of this year and the minute that we got it, because good old supply chain that we all know and love, right?

Unknown Speaker 24:57
Yeah, this happened Easy since the pandemic service,

Unknown Speaker 25:02
there was a time back to steel during the pandemic when I finally called one of our manufacturers and I was like, just send me the separate pieces, all epoxy everything myself, so I'd put a little bit, grab my mask, and go in there. And like literally each one of them myself, I just put on my country music. And

Unknown Speaker 25:20
yeah, this is now Now we're getting into the nitty gritty, now we're talking about a true entrepreneurial story. The kids are asleep, and you are literally a mask on putting your own pieces of equipment together, because you know how to do that. And that is incredible.

Unknown Speaker 25:39
One of the things that I'm such an advocate of it was like, even my welders I'd call the manufacturer to be like, Hey, why is it? Why are you charging this? And how long did it take for this? So I took a couple of welding classes in the valley, a terrible welder. But it was so fun. If you're, but it did help me to go. Okay, so I made this really terrible pillow that was literally just taking two sheets, putting the big mask on grabbing my torch. Yeah. Welding this thing together. And it's terrible. So if I'm asking for someone to like, Give me something that's super premium and design focused. And everything needs to be pristine and perfect. I was like, all right. Makes you

Unknown Speaker 26:20
feel better about paying the money, right? Because you're like, I do this myself. I get it now. Right? Like, what what are you doing? What am I paying for? Oh, I see. myself

Unknown Speaker 26:29
writing the checks again, and dispensing advice again.

Unknown Speaker 26:32
Amazing. No, but this is great. And I mean, a lot of the inventory that you have, are you housing some of your own inventory still like and you're just dropshipping yourself for now?

Unknown Speaker 26:40
Yeah. So now we have a warehouse in Valencia, Marta, her and we we have DTC we have a couple of sales verticals, which is kind of fun. And they all integrate. Because we also do hotels. So we do like in room and Canyon Ranch topping roads in the Hamptons. We're going to do an activation out there this summer. What are you putting

Unknown Speaker 27:00
in there? What what what is the equipment is specifically going in there has this work? There we go. No, the bar itself, but I think you want you also have like one respect. I mean, he's it also you have? I am gonna say it correctly, but you have weights as well. Like you have the reps. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:15
Super comfortable like birdie beauty Cosmo, everyone's like, these are the most beautiful ones. We do metal balls instead of sand so that they move to the body better. Excellent. 1.5 and three pounds, we just launched a new color wave. Very cool. Yeah, I love that. That's the stuff that like you never know what you're going to fall in love with the product development is so fun to me, like we're gonna have a new product coming out, I shan't reveal too much. But it's going to be fully sustainable. And it's because I saw another product completely in a different, nothing to do with fitness. And they use this product and it was biodegradable. And so I figured out a company that I liked the look of went on LinkedIn, stalked every C level person and send an email saying hi, I know this is not something that you usually make. But please write me back. Hi, I have an interest in this, it could be a really interesting relationship. Please get back to me. And finally one of them got back to me.

Unknown Speaker 28:14
So it takes just one, just that one. And forgive me because I feel like I cut you off before you're partnering with a number of of companies and sounds like resorts in particular. And you're putting in your equipment there. And this I mean, like I'm like trying to wrap my head around because when you walk into a room you run out something Oh, somebody's got a bottle of champagne or here's a gift basket or here's whatever it is, I mean what Tell me tell me how this works exactly for the guests. Well, cuz

Unknown Speaker 28:38
wellness is everywhere right now. And I think people are also responding to wellness in this way not being traditional fitness. Right. So the you know, the tourism was hit so hard and now it's kind of back with a vengeance in this regard. So what's cool about the U bar is it's steel so you could just wipe it down with a little anti microbial wipe and talk locka weights we have a lot of Pilates studios using them sure a lot of studios in general 1000 museum Miami wood they do everything and we're going to developing like stands for them and talking about what when one of their you know people check in or they're developing their own in the house will help to co design in certain places and I think it's just all fun and so much possibility back to the hotels The reason I like I'm I'm obsessed with travel naturally. But you can do everything certain hotels like it to be permanently in the room. Other hotels want it as an on demand. So when you check in, would you like to add an equipped wellness kit, right, so that they check in. There's only five of them mitigates the risk for the hotel. They're not doing an outright buy of 30 or 50 or 60. They're like, let's take five see how it works. If shop people want their own, and then we also were in their gym, so they're like oh so if we do go down in the gym, it been there for years. It's

Unknown Speaker 30:01
what was that amazing piece of equipment I was using? And can I take it away? And how do I get that? Or can I get from my room and all this? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:08
It'd be like, also from your content. Do you can have it in there either on book, you know, printables or video streaming? Yeah, I'll just integrate it. Very cool.

Unknown Speaker 30:19
Well, I feel like we can talk about this forever. But but we have run up against our time. Our 30 minutes are up, but I think we covered a lot COVID kitchen Berg, owner of equiped owner of Ohio ice cream. I hope you get your dream. I hope you get up there. But it sounds like the businesses are doing very well. Congratulations to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for stopping by today and for sharing your story especially on trying to find and source a house, but of course telling us how you got to where you are. And you had a birthday recently. Happy, happy birthday. So thank you. Thank you very much for coming on.

Unknown Speaker 30:49
Thank you

Aaron Pfeffer

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